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The Right Opportunity

Amideus, the phosporamidites brand of Primopus is designed to support the fast growing Oligonucleotides market. Our service is at the right time and in the right place offering a best of both worlds solution.

The Right Opportunity at Amideus

Right Time

The pharma industry, after 40 years of R&D and development in Oligos, has now started to fully commercialise the exciting potential of not only niche but also larger volume oligonucleotides to provide novel treatments for unmet need. Many innovators are developing & launching oligonucleotides which require multi-tons of phosphoramidites in the next five years to support exponential growth.

To improve affordability & reliability of oligonucleotides, addition of large scale, backward integrated suppliers is necessary. Resulting in uninterrupted bulk supply of quality phosphoramidites.

This is where our Amideus portfolio fits into a rather unique position in the marketplace.

Primopus building in Basel Switzerland

Right Place

Amideus backwards integrates from a former big pharma GMP API site on the outskirts of Basel, Switzerland into the massive bulk development and supply capability of Deccan Fine Chemicals in Goa. The Basel site (on Getec Park Swiss) is committed to being carbon-neutral by 2028. Strong focus will also be given on reducing the carbon footprint of the amidite manufacturing.

Basel, Switzerland

Goa, India

Amideus phosphoramidites

Right Product

Producing larger volume amidites requires a different production model than producing quantities for R&D purposes. The final product needs to be produced economically and in the Right place in order to enable a larger patient access. Amideus has been created because our symphony of services can offer many bulk phosphoramidites. The added benefit is that Amideus will also offer smaller R&D supply services including a long list of impurity standards.

The right decision at Amideus

Right Decision

Contact the Amideus team today and let us work together to supply larger volume amidites for your development and commercial oligonucleotide manufacturing requirements.

Amideus spans Switzerland and India bringing advantages from both worlds. We are pleased to supply these critical and complex building blocks while our customers create the oligonucleotide medicines for high unmet needs worldwide.